Monday, December 29, 2008

Pics of filling our van with fuel

My son wasted no time in getting the pics from his trip on the web. One thing Mike found interesting was our routine for getting the van fueled up.
The Church Van is diesel and we need to meet a man at the airport who syphons the fuel from drums in his van into our tank. Seeing Johnny sucking on the hose to make this work was a new experience for Mike and here are a few of his pics of that experience.
The first pic is Johnny's van, our gas station. Its a spare van parked on the side of the airport parking lot that is filled with fuel cans. We pull our van up behind it to get the diesel.
Once Johnny gets the diesel flowing he keeps an eye on the tank and when he hears it coming to the top he pulls out the hose then checks the drum to see how much we took.
Here's a shot Mike took of the inside of our 'gas station'.
Once our tank is full and Johnny has a guess as to the number of gallons, then its just a matter of writing up the bill.
Mike took these pics with his phone, but he took them as a movie. Once we figure out how to post a movie you'll get to see the whole process.
Till next time. - F.

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