Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 1 without Ginni

Hello All - Well this has been my first day here without Ginni . I did alot of practical things, like getting the mail at the Post Office, getting a few groceries, sweeping up the house and doing a load of wash. Doing the wash here is always an adventure since you don't know if you'll have running water. Today I did but the washer took 40 minutes to fill and another 40 to fill for the rinse cycle. What we have learned is that when the water shuts off it brings alot of silt when it turns on again and the washer's filter gets plugged. Feels like its time for me to take the hose apart and clean it out again.

This Sunday I was approached by a young couple who want to get married. In this country clergy are not automatically able to marry people like in the US. The Archdiocese needs to get me approved and licensed with the Bahamian Gov and in lieu of that a priest will fly in for the ceremony. Prior to that however Ginni and I will need to pull together a marriage prep program using material from the Archdiocese. At St. Tim's we do this every six months for several engaged couples at a time. After talking to the Archdiocese Ginni and I may be doing this one couple at a time here.

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