Thursday, May 28, 2015

Surgery 4 Ginni

Hello again - hope you are well.  Over the last few months my wife Ginni has had a few healthcare issues and so she has flown to the US to see what her options were.  The answer from the gynecologist was surgery.  So we jumped thru the hoops we need to jump thru as Americans living in the Bahamas and using Bahamas health insurance for surgery in the US.

With the lack of clergy, my leaving to be with Ginni requires some planning, but we did that too.  Then, about a week before I was to fly home and Ginni was to have the surgery she experienced pain in her legs and they found blood clots -- so cancel surgery while they deal with that, and cancel my flights until we know when the operation will really happen.

Time goes by and a new date is set, new flights arranged, all is set - and then a week before I am to fly home we discover that the doctor and the hospital were  not in agreement on the availability of the operating room - cancel flights again and get another date.

Finally, on Monday of this week I flew back to the US and Tuesday surgery happened.  Wednesday she came home and, as I write this, she is curled up next to me on the sofa as we watch the Red Sox.  All is well but she won't return to the Bahamas until July while I return next week.

This is only one of several developments for our ministry.  Ginni's health issues are one factor, this year both my parents turn 90 - another factor, and the Archdiocese of Boston is in the midst of a consolidation were pastors are being asked to cover 2 or 3 parishes as 'collaborations'.  As this has been put into affect a few Boston pastors are beginning to ask if I might be available.

When we came to the Bahamas we said it was a 3-5 year commitment and its been 7.  Boston regulations are that deacons should be open to reassignment after 5.  Additionally, next month a Bahamian man from Andros will be ordained a Deacon.  So - it feels like its time for us to come back to Boston.  Our plan is to stay until SEP, giving us three months to work side by side with the newly ordained Deacon Harold.

So while I am here to support Ginni, part of this trip will be to meet a few of these pastors to see where I might best fit in.  Time will tell, God's will be done.

So for now, keep Ginni in your prayers. (Actually not just 'for now')
Till next time

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