Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Blue Holes of Andros

I was looking over past posts and realized I had not really ever posted something about the Blue Holes here on Andros.  Blue holes are a natural geological phenomenon where a perfect circle of rock is filled with water.  Some of these are in the ocean, some on land. Some have caves off the walls that go for miles and National Geographic actually did a whole issue on Blue Holes of the Bahamas and found wall caves that, in some case connect to the sea, that go for miles.

Well we have one about 10-20 minutes drive from here that we go to from time to time.  I like it because it is so remote and, usually, there is nobody there but me - a great prayer place.  To get to it you must get off the beaten path.  After leaving the main road there are two miles of roads like this one

Then after driving as far as you can, you are met by a boardwalk the Bahama National Trust maintains.  This is a conservation group that does great work here.

At the end of the boardwalk is a gazeebo that is perched on top of a 20' cliff. 

You can then take the stairs down to the water where there is a little dock to jump off of,

or jump off the 20' drop - right through the gate from inside the gazeboo.

But it is the Blue Hole itself I come to see.

One of the most serine spots on Andros, if you ask me.
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