Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Travelling up North

Well we finally got to fly up to NY to see our new grandson - and what a joy! He is a precious little Christmas present that we totally enjoyed holding and hugging and kissing and cuddling for hours on end. Joe and Liza are doing great with little Leo and we enjoyed our time visiting with them and our other son Mike. Uncle Mike competed with us for 'Leo-time' but we managed to share him as best we could.

Mike has a 4-wheel drive jeep and, after the first snow storm of this trip he and I went '4-wheeling' through the forest on trails very few cars would dare attempt. We plowed through the white stuff with ease and I realized many of my Bahamian friends would get a kick out of seeing their Deacon in the snow so I had Mike pull up and we took this pic.

Now after seeing this pic once again I must tell you that Ginni has about had it with the beard. I had let it grow for Christmas because so many people asked me to play Santa with the Bahamian Children. Ginni has been asking me to cut it back for weeks and, now that we were with Joe (who has a nicely trimmed beard) I gave Ginni a Christmas present and used Joe's trimmer to create a whole different look. Here is a pic of the new me, watching the Boston College - Nevada bowl game with my grandson (the newest Boston College fan).

As I write this we have already left NY and are now with friends in Walpole MA and right now we are getting 18-24" of the white stuff. I am scheduled to fly back to Andros on Friday and I am hoping that the airport will use Wed night and all day Thurs to clean up so I can still get out on time. If I'm not back by Saturday the Archdiocese will have to scramble to provide coverage for the weekend liturgies. This storm is supposed to go all day Wed and end around 8PM tonight, after having started around midnight. Something about 20 hours of straight snow that tells me travel might be an issue.

This trip was a thrill for Ginni and I - to get to play with our grandson, and to re-experience snow (which I haven't seen for a few years) has been wonderful - but its time to get back to my 80 degree home on Andros.

Pray for a safe flight - until next time, Peace.

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