Saturday, January 23, 2010

Camera is fixed!

OK, I promised to upload pics once the camera is working again so - since we still can't find the right kind of batteries we borrowed a camera and here we go.

First, this is the pic of cross atop St. John Chrysostom - ablaze in Christmas lights -
From downtown Fresh Creek its a shining spot on a dark horizon.

Up close: Suffice it to say, climbing up on the roof and standing tippy toe atop a ladder on a slanting roof to reach the cross bar and make this happen was an adventure and a half!

But the real buzz about Fresh Creek is the work we've done on the church. We had an offer from the Sea Bees to do some community service work and - coincidentally - it came right after we did a three month fund raiser to upgrade things in the church needing fixing. So here are some before and after pics for you. It's like a new church!

The Before pic (after we moved the altar and chairs from the sanctuary to prepare for the work)

Where the altar had been

The Sea Bees hard at work

The 'After' pic - still without the furniture - but can you believe it!

Our first liturgy

Suffice it to say we are thrilled with the outcome. There were just too many coincidences to not give God credit for this one - AND the generosity of our parishioners - AND the work of the Sea Bees.
The parishioners all seem thrilled with the outcome and we are as well. Just one more to-do that we can check off the list - now its back to CCD, Baptism Prep, and RCIA.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.

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