Monday, March 30, 2009

So much to type, so little time

Well we are back in cyberspace after almost a week with no internet and 3 days with no telephone. It seems like such a short time but so much has happened I think I could write a book. Just a few topics so you see what I mean.

My father and mother visited us for several days, spending a weekend with us. Consequently they got to hear the same sermon 3 times, experienced life on the US Navy base - a joy for my Dad, and the 40 mile ride south down to Cargill Creek. They came to realize that island life may mean doing without until the mailboat comes in on Wednesday, and that if the water pressure in the shower is less than adequate, you make do. All in all they seem to have had a great visit and we enjoyed having them with me.

Prior to their arrival the local Drug Enforcement Agency did a sweep of our end of Andros and to our surprise a prominent parishioner was picked up and taken away. On an island like ours this type of news spreads fast and, often is more rumor than fact. Bottom line, however, is that our drummer, and maintenance man, was arrested along with some of his friends. So far officials have found over a ton of marijuana with a street value of $3M and his bail was set at $100K. It will definitely create a few problems for us but life goes on so we are trying to find others to pick up his roles within the parish, while hoping we can be supportive of him when he returns. Doing both will be a challenge.

Throw in CCD (which has now grown to over 60 kids), RCIA, Holy Week, the weekly addition of praying the Stations every Friday in Lent and we really feel we're far far behind where we should be. I keep thinking of all the work our Director of Liturgy did at St. Tims and know I should have alot of that planned already and here we are Monday heading into Palm Sunday and I don't have extra lectors yet to read the passion at our 3 churches (never mind planning a rehersal), not to mention 12 people to get their feet washed on Holy Thursday and all the other minutia of Holy Week.

Just to make life interesting - WED we need to go to Nassau for the Chrism Mass and recieve the holy oils and chrism to be used on our island for the next year, and while we are away a priest will be arriving to celebrate Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter with us. He is a retirmed Catholic military chaplain so he will stay on the Navy Base. Coordinating a lengthy Holy Week 'To Do' list will be a priority once we get back.

Suffice it to say we're a bit overwhelmed. Friday I met with a young couple who want to be married, but of course he needs a prior marriage annulled; and yesterday two families called to tell me of family members who had become ill and had to fly to Nassau for treatment (we'll try to see them while we are in Nassau, meet with the Tribunal Office, as well as swing by the prison and try to buy a few things we can't get on Nassau).

Please, please, please keep us in your prayers - we definitely need the Holy Spirit by our side and your prayers are part of this ministry

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The Roys said...

You both have a lot on your plates.Remember you are serving three parishes for people who have had no church in many years. Simply having you is a wonderful gift. The services don't have to be perfect (even with experience and lots of help, St T's aren't perfect). Jsst bring your enthusiasm and sincerity (plus a bit of planning) and it will happen. We'll be praying for you and missing you in Norwood,.