Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well its become clear to me that the children on Andros have decided I am Santa Claus! I haven't trimmed my beard that much since arriving and that, plus my portly status, has resulted in a new identity for me among the kids.

Last week I was parked outside the Primary (read elementary) School to pick up our CCD kids and the other kids would walk past the van and give me a sideways glance and say "Ho Ho Ho', then keep walking. I figured it out pretty quickly and every time someone did it I'd "Ho Ho Ho" right back, and its caught on. At the Bowen Sound Primary, about 20 minutes south, two little girls actually asked if I was Santa and just did my "Ho Ho Ho" routine and they fell to the ground laughing! I laughed right along and it seems to be going over big.

The next day I'm cleaning out the garage and come across old Christmas lights and decorations AND (you guessed it) a Santa Hat! Ginni says its not something I should wear until Christmas but I am dying to wear it the next time I pick up the kids.

It'll be a hoot whenever I do finally wear it - being nicknamed Santa Claus is alot better than other names they could be calling me, that's for sure.

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