Sunday, February 15, 2009

John's Visit and pics galore

Well hello again. A few weeks ago my son Joe's father-in-law was vacationing on Harbor Island and took a few days to join us on Andros. John is an adventurous sort and took two puddle jumper airplanes to get to us, and we are thrilled that he did. His layover in Nassau gave him an opportunity to get friendly with one of the employees of Glen Air, the small Charter service he was going to be flying. After chatting with this man for quite awhile he was surprised to see him tuck some of the baggage away on the plane, then climb up on the wing and get into the pilot seat.

This was John's view sitting behind the pilot on their way to Andros. Once he arrived we picked him up. John had started his journey around 7:30 in the morning and due to delays in Nassau he didn't arrive until almost 5PM (keep in mind these were two 15 minute flights, the rest was waiting in the Nassau airport). He is a trooper. On the way home we drove over the Fresh Creek bridge and John took this wonderful pic of the Creek looking out its mouth towards the ocean.

Eventually we arrived at our home and John settled right in. We told him that the next few days we were going to be occupied with CCD and he thought that was great. I said he was an adventurous guy and he is. He is a wonderful guitar player and had brought his harmonica so when Ginni began to practice for the next day's lesson he joined right in with the harmonica and I knew the kids were going to be in for a treat.

Well the next day I went to pick up the first class of kids at Fresh Creek Primary School and John helped Ginni set up the church. When I pulled in with a van loaded with kids Ginni and John had everything set up and ready to go. When John pulled out his digital camera however, the kids were more interesting in posing for John than CCD.

Eventually we all moved into the Church and we sang a few songs, taught a lesson, and did some classwork. John hit it off with all of the kids but made absolutely best friends with little Gabbrielle (the little girl in the far left in this pic above). What follows is a series of pics John took of the CCD class in action:

This is Gabbrielle singing O HOW I LOVE JESUS



After this first class of Primary School children they left and we set up for the High School kids and we did it all over again.

During the transition between the elementary school kids and the high school kids John said he was going to go for a walk and explore downtown Fresh Creek. There really isn't all that much to Fresh Creek but off he went and when we were finished John surprised us with a wonderful gift, our own bike! Bikes are very popular here, the roads are mostly flat and they are an economical way of getting to the Bank, the Post Office and the store without having to crank up our 15 passenger diesel van to go run errands.


All in all, John got a taste of island life and we were thrilled that he interrupted his vacation to come visit with us. It was great to have someone in our family make the trip over to Andros.

I want to thank John for taking all these pics and his wife Lindsey for sending them to us so we can share them with you.

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Joseph said...

That's so great that my Dad was able to spend some time with you guys in our new home. I knew that if he managed to get to Fresh Creek he would end up having a fantastic time. If you never need a CCD substitute teacher, he's just a puddle jumper (or two) away!