Thursday, January 29, 2009

My new screen saver

Its 80 degrees today, blue sky, puffy clouds and this is the one day of the week with no CCD or RCIA so we might do some errands and go to the beach! By the way, to stay cool I like ice cream. A half gallon of ice cream here is $10.
With that said I want everyone back home to know my new wallpaper for my desktop is a pic of St. Timothy's in Norwood. Don't ya just love it!
When we came to Andros I packed lots of things and left behind lots of things. Having taught RCIA for six years I bought copies of the Catechism and a book 'Believing in Jesus' that we use at St. Timothy's to teach people about Catholicism that are converting. Well I didn't bring enough. I looks like RCIA is off with a bang and it is so good to see people diligently taking notes and asking questions as we start the program this past week. So far 4 adults (1 needing to be baptized) and 2 teens that need baptism as well. As the class progresses other names of possible candidates continue to come out of the woodwork so we'll see where this goes.
Along that front, we met a Doctor from a community way up at the northern tip of the island who says there are Catholics there that would love to have me come lead services. They're Church closed down about 10 years ago when the Catholic community had gradually moved away and then the building was litterally eaten to the ground by termites. This Doctor is from Nigeria and he and his family, the janitor at his clinic and his family, and several of his patients and their families have all moved in and are Catholic. So we may be adding a new community to our family of Churches. I found a Baptismal Record book from his township and over 50 names of those baptized there so we shall see what happens.
Enough for now, the beach calls.

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