Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Almost Christmas

Well it has been a busy week - and its only Teusday!
The weekend was typically busy with three liturgies for three different communities but the hightlight was visiting Anna on the way home. Anna is in her 90's, blind, and has been homebound for several years. Over the past few weeks I had been asked by three different people if I had visited Anna yet, and since I'd never heard of Anna I hadn't. Each of these people all told wonderful stories of this woman of faith. She was described as the backbone of the community, one of the most faithful members of the Church, and an inspiration to everyone that knows her - pretty good credentials I must say.

I called her home and spoke to her daughter. Anna was asleep right now and the Doctor says when she's alseep we should let her be, could you call tomorrow? Tomorrow came and Anna had had a bad night and today would not be good to visit, could you call tomorrow? Tomorrow came and this time I called with a plan, suggesting I stop by on our way home from services in Cargill Creek - we had a plan.

So Sunday afternoon we stopped and visited Anna. She was sitting up on the sofa waiting for us and she told me (several times, with gusto) how she was a Cat'lic, she'd always been Cat'lic, and she loved her Church. We met her her son, who lived with her, and her grandchildren (who also lived with her), and her daughter who came over from next door cause the Deacon was here. In a small home, with very few possessions, Anna had lived a life that led others to tell me I simply had to visit her. There was nothing about her that would have indicated she was such a dynamic woman, but her faith had made others notice her and look out for her well being, and now there I was in her living room. After talking a bit we had a little communion service. We talked about getting her grandchildren signed up for CCD, and they may come, but eventually it was time to go and we promised we'd be back next week.

What we are finding is that people like Anna are sprinkled throughout the community but they won't call and ask for a visit, others need to point them out to us. When we hear of them, and call ahead, there is usually a reason we can't come, but if we just go - if we just show up, they are thrilled we came and the visit is wonderful. I think its time to chuck the phone and start going door to door. Every face to face meeting we have had has been wonderful.

Last night we attended the Fresh Creek Tree Lighting Ceremony and were entertained by the Bahamian Defense Force Marching Band, but that will need its own blog entry - suffice it to say those guys are good! The music was wonderful, but they give Marching Band a whole new meaning. Just imagine the guy with the big base drum strapped to his chest, leaning back into a position I can only compare to someone doing the limbo - while playing the drum and not missing a beat - that's just one image I'll never forget. The rest will have to wait till next time.

Merry Christmas

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